A Privately Guided Safari

Now this is not just a service for “The Rich and Famous”!

Going on a Private Guided safari MEANS, that our guests are going to be looked after. The thought of arriving in the unknown, and then traveling ‘blind’ can sometimes be very intimidating.

A Private Guide is someone who has traveled that route before, and has the advantage of previous experience in dealing with common issues and details on safari. Not only does he or she manage the safari from various aspects, for example; luggage, medical and dietary requirements, and unexpected travel hiccups which happen in Africa despite every precaution being taken, but they are a fund of knowledge on the country, its politics and people. They are all natural history guides, and have a deep love for wildlife and understand the issues of conservation.

Due to the nature of those who have chosen this kind of life, they are great characters, with a fund of patience and wonderful senses of humour. This is supported by a love of people and the wildlife whose lives and ways they share with the lucky guests traveling with them.


Follow the leader


The other important advantage is there is full continuity during the entire trip,
thereby avoiding guests being subject to several repetitions about game and wildlife facts, and procedures in different camps. The guide liases directly with camp managers and the local guides to facilitate any requirements.

To maintain the flow of a safari, we recommend the use of Private Charter aircraft wherever possible between camps, as this precludes need to over-night in unnecessary destinations en route to other camps, and saves time in general.

The use of private dedicated vehicles is another recommendation as this again allows a fully exclusive experience and creates opportunity for flexibility and a degree of independence in each camp. Naturally, this introduces extra costs but it is well worth it and enhances each destination.