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From sunrise to sunset and into the moonlit hours, every moment in a day on safari in the African bush has the potential to be an amazing adventure unlike any other travel experience. The unscripted wildlife provides entertainment all day and all night. Each lodge has its own unique backdrop that highlights the local culture, history and scenery. The seasoned guides direct each game drive by using their in-depth wilderness knowledge to produce an unique look into the natural world. Being on safari is truly a remarkable experience and no day is ever the same!

The opening act in the bush starts just before sun breaks the horizon with assortment of local juices, coffees and teas, as well as a light breakfast. Afterwards you will climb in your all-terrain Land Rover/Cruiser and the scene cuts to the beginning of your journey into Africa’s wilderness.

The early morning sunlight sets the scene as many of Africa’s famed predators —lion, leopard and hyena— are still on the hunt in the dew filled savannas.  A chance encounter with these opportunistic predators while still active is a premier event for any safari goer as you never know when a hunt can begin. Other famed species, such as elephant, rhino, giraffe and many other antelope are also actively feeding during the morning as the weather is comfortable enough to graze and browse. As all of this is happening a vast array of birds orchestrates a lovely chorus of calls in the background to complete the opening act.    

As the heat of the late morning becomes more apparent, the set changes from the bush to the lodge as you prepares for you a hardy breakfast. Many lodges have communal seating that enables you to chat with other guests about the morning’s events, but many lodges also offer private seating for a more intimate reflection. From here you have an intermission in the afternoon to explore the camp, enjoy the views or find a nice quiet place for a siesta. For all the avid readers out there, this a perfect time to dive into a book about Africa. Most lodges carry a great selection of classics to choose from.

The second act begins once the mid afternoon arrives, you and your guide will meet up for a light lunch before the evening drive begins. The heat of the midday starts to give way and the activity of the wildlife also picks up. Many of the prey species resume feeding and the predators prepare for a night of hunting. With this increase in activity, this is a remarkable time to witness the bush.

Each evening game drive is capped off with a sundowner —a drink of your choice—accompanied by a breathtaking backdrop. Here you can get out of the vehicle, stretch your legs and socialize with friends and family before heading back for an evening at the lodge. 

Once back at the lodge the moon and stars take over the landscape creating a romantic backdrop for dinner and the third and final act. The Milky Way and a cast of a 100 million stars shinning above accompanies you and your loved ones as world class chefs prepares your dinner.  Local dancers share their culture by preforming traditional dance around the fire. It is truly an uniquely African experience.  

As the night wears on, the wilderness comes alive for a midnight performance. The calls of hyenas, leopards, jackals, hippos and lions permeate through the bush into camp. Hearing these calls at night instead of the noise of the city demonstrates how remote and different life is out in the bush.

For safari goers, the raw, natural entertainment that the African bush provides is better than any high budget film. Witnessing some of the most iconic animals in the wild is an experience that is truly unforgettable. On top of that, the atmosphere created by the lodges and the guides enhances the whole production to make sure your experience is as unique as the continent you are visiting. A day on safari is a show that you will recount to your friends and family back home for years to come.

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